"If we are looking to take care of our financial client's well being. We better be paying attention to this idea of Identity Theft."
Adam Antoniades - Cetera CEO

Powerful Prospecting

A new way to approach clients that deals with a growing concern amongst high net worth individuals.

Retention + Referrals

Protect your clients and gain referrals by addressing the real financial risk of identity theft by providing a sought after solution.

Best in Class Service

Partner with US Based experts in the identity theft industry and offer your clients our exclusive Annual ID Checkup.

Case Studies

Building Your Book of Business

John, a financial advisor who was new to the industry, was looking to approach high net worth individuals, but he was having a hard time reaching them through traditional marketing.

ID360 gave him the opportunity to host Privacy & Security Workshops. John was able to approach individuals who had significant assets in a passive manner, while uncovering assets and gaining their trust before making them clients.

He now has a unique approach to attract new prospects in his community by delivering much needed education and solution.

Be a Hero for Your Clients

Samantha, a successful financial advisor, had a number of financial planning clients who had their identity compromised last year. When they called her for help she was wasn't sure what to say and didn't have a real solution for them.

ID360 gave her the opportunity to not only provide an answer to her clients and give them piece of mind, but also to proactively talk to new clients about the growing risk of identity theft.

She can now not only be her clients' identity advocate, but gain client retention through a 360 ° approach to her clients financial and personal well-being.

Empower Your Staff

Raymond, a successful financial advisor with a team of associates, was looking for an effective campaign for his employees to reach out to his existing clients and new prospects.

ID360 gave allowed him to empower his employees to reach out to both prospects and clients and engage them with a topic that is relevant and top of mind.

He has now enabled his staff to both prospect and service clients in a new way that is growing his business and increasing productivity.